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Sunday June 27th 3:00pm *matinee*

Lick Golden Sky
Philadelphia. Levelplane / Escape Artist Records

Hot Cross
Philadelphia/Ny. First Philly show in a year. Level Plane Records
Brutality from Ohio. Escape Artist Records

At The First Unitarian Church

is anyone going to this?

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so the other day i was walking down the street. i tripped, then i got up brushed myself off, looked around and saw three little kids laughing at me, so i walked up to them and pulled out my two fully loaded dessert eagles and blew their fucking heads off. a cop saw me so we had a gun fight, i then hijacked a lambroghani(spelling) and there was a really sexy girl in it. she told me she was never more turned on in her life, so whil;e in a high-speed chase going 210mph she jump on top of me and we had amazing sex with drving in and out of cars on the Walt Whitman. then i saw a jump, so we hit the jump and at the peak of our jump we both climaxed and landed in Liberty One and we escaped the police. True Love. I swear to god this happend.


First kiss I enjoyed: im still waiting.
First job: telepoint communications.
First screen name: pochocco something.
First self purchased album: green day
First funeral: never been to one, only viewings.
First pets: minnie (dog) and tish(cat)
First piercing: ears
First true love: i want so badly to beleive that there is truth and love is real..
First big trip: never had one
First musician you remember hearing in your house: billy joel or the beatles
Last big car ride: maryland.
Last kiss: HAHA.
Last good cry: since when is crying a good thing?
Last movie seen: something on tv yesterday...it was lame.
Last beverage drunk: im drinking cofee right now to strt off the best day of my life.
Last food consumed: french fries at the diner on my date with the halenator.
Last phone call: haley last nite.
Last TV show watched: the simpsons
Last shoes worn: those piece of shit bowling jawns.
Last CD played: madonna-madonna
Last item bought: cigarettes fifteen mins ago.
Last disappointment: we all know that one. but who cares anymore? not this girl!
Last soda drunk: coca cola
Last ice cream eaten: vanilla bean along with the best cake ive ever tasted. it was mom mom downstairs' birthday celebration yesterday, and it was a terriffic gathering.
Last shirt worn: the one im wearing now? its a black collared shirt i slept in.
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